M 7.1 in New Caledonia on 20 May 2023 01:51 UTC

2023-05-20 02:00 message from NTWC

Key information extracted from original GTS message :

  • There is no TSUNAMI danger for the u s west coast BRITISH columbia or alaska
  • Based on earthquake information and historic TSUNAMI records the earthquake is not expected to generate a tsunami
  • An earthquake has occurred with parameters listed below
  • Preliminary earthquake parameters
  • The following parameters are based on a rapid preliminary assessment of the earthquake and changes MAY occur
  • Magnitude 7.4
  • Origin time 1751 akdt MAY 19.2023 1851 pdt MAY 19 2023 0151 UTC MAY 20
  • Coordinates 23.1 SOUTH 170 4 east
  • Depth 28 miles
  • Location in the loyalty ISLANDS region additional information and next update
  • Refer to the internet site tsunami
  • Gov for more information
  • Pacific coastal regions outside california oregon washington BRITISH columbia and alaska should refer to the pacific TSUNAMI warning center messages at tsunami
  • Gov
  • This will be the only u s national TSUNAMI warning center message issued for this event unless additional information becomes available