Overall Red alert Tropical Cyclone for LEKIMA-19
in China, Japan

Event summary

Tropical Cyclone LEKIMA-19 can have a high humanitarian impact based on the maximum sustained wind speed, exposed population and vulnerability.

GDACS ID TC 1000582
Name LEKIMA-19
Glide number: TC-2019-000091-CHN
From - To 04 Aug - 11 Aug
Exposed countries China, Japan
Exposed population 34.2 million in Category 1 or higher
Maximum wind speed 241 km/h, Category 4
Maximum storm surge 3.6 m (09 Aug 18:00 UTC)
Vulnerability Medium (China)


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+ Wind Storm surge Rainfall GDACS score
GDACS 241 km/h 3.6 m n.a. 2.5
Single TC: maximum expected impact (wind, storm surge, rainfall)
HWRF 238 km/h 4.1 m 0 mm 2.5
GFS 238 km/h 3.5 m 0 mm 2.5
ECMWF 144 km/h 2.2 m 0 mm 0.5
Beta Version - All weather systems in the area: maximum expected impact (wind, storm surge, rainfall)
Maximum expected impact (wind, storm surge and rainfall) using different data sources.
Virtual OSOCC
Meteo assessment
Satellite products
Analytical products
China - Tropical Cyclone LEKIMA update (ECHO 12 Aug 2019)Mon, 12 Aug 2019 13:05

  • Tropical Cyclone LEKIMA's passage over eastern China has resulted in fatalities and damage in Zhejiang and Shandong provinces.
  • Media report 44 deaths due to a landslide in Yongjia County (south-western Zhejiang Province). 7 additional fatalities were reported in Zhejiang and 5 in Shandong and 16 people are missing. In Zhejiang, 36,000 houses were damaged. Up to 1.22 million people were evacuated in Zhejiang and 88,000 in Shandong.
  • LEKIMA is moving north and is expected to reach Bohai Sea as a tropical depression on the 12 August. Typhoon warnings are still in effect for Shandong, Hebei and Liaoning provinces.
  • Heavy rainfall and strong winds are forecast over north-eastern coastal China.
China, Taiwan, Japan - Tropical Cyclone LEKIMA update (ECHO 09 Aug 2019)Fri, 09 Aug 2019 13:00

  • Tropical Cyclone LEKIMA continues north-west slightly weakening but remaining a Category 4. On 9 August at 0.00 UTC, its centre was approximately 260 km north-east of Taipei (Taiwan Island, China), with maximum sustained winds of 213 km/h.
  • It is forecast to make landfall off the coast of Zhejiang Province (China) on 9 August afternoon with maximum sustained winds up to 190 km/h (Category 3).
  • According to media reports, as of 9 August, 40 000 homes are without power in Taiwan and thousands are living in the coastal area of Shanghai have been warned to prepare to evacuate.
  • A red typhoon warning has been issued for th coast of Taiwan, Hangzhou Bay, Yangtze River Estuary, coastal regions of Zhejiang, Shanghai and southern Jiangsu (China), while a red warning for heavy rain, strong wind, high waves and storm surge is in effect over the Ryukyu Archipelago, Japan.
  • For the next 24 hours, heavy rain, strong winds and high waves are expected across Taiwan, eastern coastal China, and Ryukyu Archipelago.
Japan, China, Taiwan - Tropical Cyclone LEKIMA update (ECHO 08 Aug 2019)Thu, 08 Aug 2019 13:07

  • Tropical Cyclone LEKIMA is strengthening as it approaches Yaeyama Islands (Ryukyu Archipelago, Okinawa Prefecture, Japan).
  • On 8 August at 0.00 UTC, its centre was approximately 270 km south-east of Iriomote Island (Yaeyama Islands), with maximum sustained winds of 213 km/h (Category 4). It is forecast to pass over Yaeyama Islands on the afternoon of 8 August, with maximum winds of 213-222 km/h before moving north-west towards coastal eastern China.
  • Red warnings for high waves, strong winds and storm surge have been issued for Yaeyama Islands, while warning for a typhoon and heavy rain is in effect for central and northern Taiwan. China's Meteorological Administration (CMA) has launched a typhoon three-level emergency response, as LEKIMA is expected to be the strongest to affect China this year.
  • Heavy rain and strong winds are forecast over Yaeyama Islands, Taiwan Island, Shanghai City, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shandong Provinces and Liaodong Peninsula (China).
Philippines, Japan - Tropical Cyclone LEKIMA (ECHO 07 Aug 2019)Wed, 07 Aug 2019 13:02

  • On 7 August at 0.00 UTC Tropical Cyclone LEKIMA's centre was approximately 650 km north-east Santa Ana Municipality (Cagayan Province, north-eastern Luzon Island), with maximum winds of 130 km/h (category 1). It is forecast to continue north-west approaching Yaeyama Islands (Okinawa Prefecture, south-western Japan) on the evening of 8 August, with maximum sustained winds of 176-194 km/h.
  • Several areas in the Philippines are experiencing severe weather and up to 1,600 people have been displaced in Davao City (Davao region, southern Philippines), 2,893 affected and 250 houses damaged by heavy rain, strong winds and high waves. A red warning for high waves is in effect for Yaeyama Islands.
  • Moderate to heavy rainfall is forecast for central and northern Philippines, including Luzon Island over 7-8 August.
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